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Tarot 2 axis Gyroscope ZYX22 Gyro for Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal Gopro 3 FPV

Tarot 2 axis Gyroscope ZYX22 Gyro for Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal Gopro 3 FPV

Tarot 2 axis Gyroscope ZYX22 Gyro for Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal Gopro 3 FPV:

Software and manual can be downloaded at

Tarot 2 axis Gyroscope ZYX22 Gyro for Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal Gopro 3 Aerial Photography

- Suitable for GOPRO brushless yuntai TL68A08 (SKU:25824) brushless gimbal or other similar
products, used in entertainment, film and television photography, advertising model aircraft
photography and so on many fields

- Support the GOPRO Hero3 video aux output
- Support the power supply voltage reverse connection protection and voltage compensation
- Support for motor drive side short circuit protection
- Support initial pitch angle
- Support the sensitivity parameters adjustment and the software 3 d posture display
- Support the rocker rate model and location
- Support the receiver: conventional receiver S - BUS receiver, DSM2 DSMJ/DSMX receiver
- Support remote control equipment: PPM/PCM / 2.4 G
- Operating voltage: 7.4 V ~ 14.8 V DC (recommended 12 V, three lithium electricity
- Work current :200 ma - 500 ma (related to the power supply voltage and motor power
- Working environment temperature: 15-65C
- Processor: dual high-speed 32-bit ARM core processor
- Sensors: three MEMS gyroscope rotor and rotor MEMS accelerometer
- Maximum angular rate: 2000 deg/ SEC
- Maximum acceleration: 16 g
- Control frequency: 2000 hz
- Motor drive frequency: 20 KHZ (noiseless smooth drive)
- Accuracy:0.1 deg
- Control range: - 45 ~ 45 (roll), - 135 ~ 90 (pitch)
- Gesture decoding algorithm: dedicated to brushless motor driven yuntai decoupling EKF algorithm
- Applicable filming equipment: GOPRO Hero3

- Gimbal tuning parameter interface: a serial port module connected to the computer through the USB,
 used in gimbal main controller tuning parameters and status monitoring
- Motor drive tuning parameter interface: a serial port module connected to the computer through the USB,
is used to adjust the number of motor driver module,power voltage and current monitoring

Receiver steering gear output interface
- R: common receiver roll inputs
- T: common receiver pitch input
- C: common receiver model input (rocker arm Angle mode or speed)
- S: S - BUS receiver channel or photo input channel
- P: take pictures steering gear output (infrared photo module can be attached)
- + 5 v output, - : power supply
- Satellite interface: used to connect to the satellite receiver
- Roll motor and pitch interface: used to connect the motor
- Sensor interface: used to connect to sensor

Package including:
- ZYX3 rotor gyroscope quad ZYX07 x 1
- GOPRO two axis gyro sensor x1
- GOPRO gimbal two axis gyroscope main controllerx 1
- 4.5x 4.5 MM insulation spacer x 4
- 2x3 mm round head cross screw x8
Brushless gimbal is very sensitive to vibrations. So if your copter props, engines, frame are not balanced
or you copter is flexible, it will cause bad reactions of gimbal in flight.

Price:  $79.89


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